One App, 

33 Languages

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How to Use the Translation App

Record and Translate

Tap the microphone to start recording, and tap again to stop. The recording will also stop automatically after your statement.

The primary language (yours) will be on top and the secondary language (other party) will display on the bottom. 

Conversation Mode

When Conversation Mode is activated, the earphones will automatically record and stop every time you pause speaking. Whenever you hear a "beep" the microphone is then switched to the other party.

Tap the two arrows between the two microphones to enable or disable Conversation Mode. Conversation mode works best in not so loud areas. 

Change Languages

Choose from over 30 languages to translate. Tap the language text the microphone to change your language. Your language will be displayed on top and left microphone, while the other language you are translating will be displayed on bottom / right microphone.

Get the app for iOS or Android on your smartphone.