Support for 33 countries.

Aunu Audio Translator App
  • Available on the iOS and Google Play Store

  • Instant Delivery of Activation Code

  • Translates 33 languages
  • Works seamlessly with Aunu Audio Earphones

    The app will not work with any other branded earphones and will require Aunu Audio M50

Translate 33 Languages

The Aunu Language Translator can translate between 33 languages and recognize local dialects. Supported countries are listed below.

Australia (English)

Brazil (Português)

Canada (Français)

China (普通话)

China (粵語)

Czech Republic (Czech)

Denmark (Danish)

Finland (Finnish)

France (Français)

Germany (German)

Greece (Ελληνικά)

Hungary (Magyar)

India (भारत)

Indonesia (Bahasa)

Ireland (English)

Italy (Italiano)

Japan (日本語)

Mexico (Español)

Netherlands (Dutch)

Poland (Polish)

Portugal (Português)

Romania (Românesc)

Russia (Росси́я)

Saudi Arabia (العَرَبِيَّة)

South Africa (English)

South Korea (한국어)

Spain (Español)

Sweden (Svenska)

Taiwan (台灣普通話)

Thailand (ไทย)

Turkey (Türk Dili)

United Kingdom (English)

United States (English)

Available on the App Store.

The Aunu Language Translator is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play, however will need an activation key to gain access. Get your discounted activation code today! Each code is valid for 1 Year. Optional renewal will be at $4.99 for each additional year.